Is there anyway to complete delete all data of current cluster include opendistro security index?

I accidentally added role data to the dedicated master. I tried to remove that role and do a fresh cluster, but somehow old data ( opendistro_security ) still exists ( I delete the whole data in the folder I accidentally create with data node ).

When I tried to run securityadmin.

.opendistro_security index already exists, so we do not need to create one

So is there anyway I can complete delete this to start fresh cluster without any data :crying_cat_face:

I also tried to delete whole folder config in config file /data/opensearch/data
path.logs: /data/opensearch/logs

@BlackMetalz What is the ODFE version?

Sorry for the forget to mention version, it is the Opensearch 1.2.3

@BlackMetalz how many nodes do you run?

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I’m initing cluster, 3 node master first ( dedicated ) then 1 node for data :smiley:

@BlackMetalz So you have 3 nodes already running or the reported node was the first one?
Do you run it as a docker container or binary?

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Hi, I was able to resolve it. My mistake is I delete the wrong folder which leads to not really cleaning whole data.

I’m using binary since I don’t like management via docker :joy:

No worries @BlackMetalz Thanks for sharing solution.