Opendistro Security not Initialized

I was cleaning some of the old indices when after a restart, elastic gave this error

{“type”: “server”, “timestamp”: “2021-06-16T09:19:48,704+02:00”, “level”: “ERROR”, “component”: “c.a.o.i.i.ManagedIndexCoordinator”, “”: “elasticsearch”, “”: “node-2”, “message”: “get managed-index failed: [.opendistro-ism-config] IndexNotFoundException[no such index [.opendistro-ism-config]]”, “cluster.uuid”: “oIaUvXtMRJWCq1WOEcVS3g”, “”: “UKP6c128RpWQl8VqvlsL0w” }

Trying to curl towards elastic results in an “Opendistro Security not initialized” error.

The cluster state is RED and i cant access through Kibana.

Any help?

Moving this to the security category.

@dangelidaniel It seems you might have deleted the index used by ISM. What version of odfe are you using?

Yes, my mistake.

I’ve disabled opendistro-security, deleted every RED state index losing a bit of data and executed again and it worked.