Install Cross Cluster Replication on Opensearch

Hello all,

I have a question regarding installing the cross cluster plugin on my new OpenSearch Nodes.

Recently, i managed to install cross-cluster-replication plugin on opendistro by following this handbook. So far so good, until i decided to move to OpenSearch and im not sure if i need to install the plugin on my image or its already included.

Is Cross Cluster Replication (OpenDistro) the same as Cross Cluster Search (OpenSearch)? The handbook i used from github’s handbook from cross cluster replication in opensearch, unfortunately is giving me an error that the file doesnt exist. Please see the handbook here.

For your info, what im trying to do is to connect two clusters on different hosts in order to have HA etc.

Thanks a lot for your help all.

Hi dmitris@,

We are working on having Cross Cluster Replication included in OpenSearch 1.1 which is planned for Sep 14

We recommend waiting a bit until then so you would get CCR by default packaged with OpenSearch 1.1

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Hello @krishna,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Cool, i’ll stuck with OpenDistro for now.