Ingest pipeline type [ip] not supported

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Opensearch 2.6.0

Describe the issue:
Hi, I need to create an Ingest Pipeline where the input data is in this format: “winlog.event_data.DestinationIp”, using the processor convert I should get the format: “destination ip” whose type is: “type”: “ip”, but I get the error: “type [ip] not supported, cannot convert field”, although consulting the Opensearch documentation, the “type”:“ip” is an expected field.

“convert”: {
“field”: “winlog.event_data.DestinationIp”,
“ignore_failure”: true,
“ignore_missing”: true,
“target_field”: “destination.ip”,
“type”: “ip”


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

“type”: “parse_exception”,
“reason”: “[type] type [ip] not supported, cannot convert field.”,
“processor_type”: “convert”,
“property_name”: “type”

NOTE: if use “string” instead of “ip”, all works fine. But i need “ip” :slight_smile: