Indexing operations stopped after domain upgrade

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
upgraded opensearch version: 2.3 (latest)
Service software version: R20221114-P3 (latest)

Describe the issue:
accidentally i have deleted one of opensearch system indices which is “.kibana”, that led to losing access to all indices logs in the “Discover” tab in kibana, and in order to recover such index, i have just upgraded opensearch domain to the latest version, in order to force the cluster nodes replacement.

therefore, i have recovered all system indices successfully and i could access other application indices through “Discover” tab But, unfortunately my applications became no longer able to log any new data in opensearch, and the indexing operations stopped with just the old data before the upgrade operation.

i have checked the indexing rate graph in aws console and noticed the drop of indexing rate to zero after the upgrade.

can anyone help me address the issue ?


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:
indexing rate drop to zero:

@bowenlan @praveensameneni would you be able to assist on this? thanks

Looks like you are using Amazon OpenSearch service. Would you like to reach out to AWS support to help on this case?

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