Index Patterns filtering

Hello Open Disto guys! Sorry for disturbing you guys but we want you guys help…

Now we are using latest version of Open Distro.
And currently we are trying to make new user who can see only specific indices as like the following

But if this user goes to Management page, this user can see other Index patterns which is made by other user.
And Discover page is also same situation.
(Index Patterns which is made by other user is displayed)

We want make situation that this user only can see indices and Index Patterns which name is started by “trv*”
Can we filter Index Patterns using something role definition??
We couldn’t find any way to achieve our expectation…

If you have any question, feel free to let me know!!


I could fix this topic.
The following setting was false.


We’ve enabled this setting, after that we can manage each users index patterns.
I’d like to close this topic.