Index Management Rollover to desired index

Everyday in my elasticsearch cluster, an index is created. In the end of the index name date in appended. For e.g “index-day-28.03.2012”. After the certain age of the index, i want to dump them into new index which would be created every month. For e.g. “index-month-02.2012”. I want to create an index policy for same. How do i achieve this ? I am using OSS version of ELK (7.8.0) and opendistro on top of this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dhruvil7doshi,

Just so I understand, you have a daily index created every day and after a certain age you want to take all of the data in that index and reindex it into a monthly index (and I’m assuming delete the daily index)?

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@dbbaughe Do you know how could i achieve this functionality ?