ILM not deleting the indices

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
VERSION of Opensearch and Dashboard: 2.11.1

State: Configured the index move to readonly.
Transition to Delete the index which has min index again of 5m

If i query with explain I see below details but the index never gets deleted even though it is deletion (transition)
“message”: “Transitioning to delete [index=“log_index”]”

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:
“info”: {
“message”: “Transitioning to delete [index=“log_index”]”

Describe the issue:

Problem Statement: I have created a policy to delete with following configurations

  1. State of the index template to read only when it reaches
  2. Transition to delete when it meet condition with Minimum age index is 5m.

Did you find any error log in your OpenSearch cluster?