ILM policy is not working on my daily index

Hi, I have created one ILM policy in which the use case is to delete the index having an age of 2 days, so I am not able to understand why my index is not deleted when I navigate to manage indices page I found below screen

Below is my lifecycle policy
“policy_id”: “DELETE”,
“description”: “A simple default policy that changes the replica count between hot and delete states.”,
“last_updated_time”: 1615874912379,
“schema_version”: 1,
“error_notification”: null,
“default_state”: “hot”,
“states”: [
“name”: “hot”,
“actions”: ,
“transitions”: [
“state_name”: “delete”,
“conditions”: {
“min_index_age”: “2d”
“name”: “delete”,
“actions”: [
“delete”: {}

I have attached the ILM policy with my indices but the ILM policy is not working fine.

Can anyone please help me to rectify the base issue.

Anything in elasticsearch log? May you increase log level to debug?

Looking at the screen shot, it seems the condition is not met to transition to delete step.

I have used the same policy you pasted and was successful in deleting the older indices, however for newer indices (created with in past 2 days) the action is running as expected for condition to meet

You can check the index creation time for the indices and validate that the creation time is indeed before 2d.


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