I want to automate log ingestion similar similar to what is in the playground

Hello everyone, I want to create fake logs same as what is in the playground with the same indexes.
Does anyone have an idea how I can do that ? I assume I should also make changes to my log pipeline which looks as the following :

ssl: false
- grok:
- opensearch:
hosts: [ “https://opensearch:9200” ]
insecure: true
username: admin
password: admin
index: apache_logs

any help will be appreciated

Hey @zorghost

what kind of log shipper do you have?

I am using Fluentbit, so it goes like this : data-prepper → fluent-bit → opensearch → dashboards

Hey @zorghost

Fluentbit, create a file called test.log, throw some message in there. When you restart fluentbit it should read from the top of the file.

  name                  tail
  refresh_interval      5
  path                  /var/log/test.log
  read_from_head        false --> true
  tag test

The Read_from_Head For new discovered files on start (without a database offset/position), read the content from the head of the file, not tail.
Default is false.

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