Https:// returns 403 when trying to download plugins. Can this repository be public?

This ticket is from few months ago and its still not resolved… Need help for installing OpenSearch S3 plugin

At least give me binary for this plugin and I’ll install it from my own repository, but for gods sake do something :slight_smile:

(Un)happy customer.

For ppl wondering - those plugins are not available in version 1.0.0 which is default version in helm chart:

You have to use 1.1.0

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@hajdi - does the helm chart need to be updated?

S3 returns a 403 when a file doesn’t exist and the requester doesn’t have permission to list the bucket contents, which may be confusing - this is not a permissions problem.

This was resolved in 1.1.0, and was Release Native Plugins for 1.1.0 on S3 Production Bucket · Issue #686 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub, let us know if that doesn’t work!