How to select default tenant as “GLOBAL” in Kibana Dashboard


We have 2 tenants currently in Kibana Dashboard, Private and Global in Kibana dashboard which is hosted by aws.

Every time i login the dashboard opens with Private as tenant by default.
Is there a way i can configure the default tenant to GLOBAL? so when i login to kibana it opens as GLOBAL tenant. If yes please share.


I found some reference related to this in
It says we need to changes to kibana.yml for multitenancy changes.

Q1. I’m not sure where Kibana.yml is kept so i can make changes, is it handled by AWS?
Q2. Also if possible Kindly share what to change in Kibana.yml if its possible though this or any other approach.

Thanks in Adv

You need use ?security_tenant=global at the end of the url , this should default to global tenant.

e.g. /kibana/?security_tenant=global