How to retrieve hostname of the client in opendistro audit logs?

We would like to have these details logged in od_audit logs

  1. Server IP → audit_node_host_address
  2. Server hostname → audit_node_name
  3. Client IP → audit_request_remote_address
  4. Client hostname → couldn’t find client hostname in audit logs
    How can we change configuration to log client hostname in od_audit logs also?
    Code: security/ at main · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/security · GitHub

Sample OD audit log:
“audit_cluster_name”: “default”,
“audit_rest_request_params”: {
“pretty”: “true”
“audit_node_name”: “es-data-1-982998478”,
“audit_request_initiating_user”: “abc”,
“audit_category”: “AUTHENTICATED”,
“audit_request_origin”: “REST”,
“audit_request_body”: “{\n "transient": {\n "": "debug"\n }\n}\n”,
“audit_node_id”: “iqJn8KMvRTqbiHahHy349Q”,
“audit_request_layer”: “REST”,
“audit_rest_request_path”: “/_cluster/settings”,
@timestamp”: “2020-09-15T06:38:45.245+00:00”,
“audit_request_effective_user_is_admin”: false,
“audit_format_version”: 4,
“audit_request_remote_address”: “”,
“audit_node_host_address”: “”,
“audit_rest_request_headers”: {
“content-length”: [“75”],
“x-forwarded-host”: [“kibana:5601”],
“x-forwarded-proto”: [“https”],
“host”: [“es-data”],
“Connection”: [“close”],
“x-forwarded-port”: [“53271”],
“content-type”: [“application/json”],
“x-forwarded-for”: [“”]
“audit_request_effective_user”: “abc”,
“audit_node_host_name”: “”