How to migrate ElasticSearch project to OpenSearch?

We want to migrate our existing Elasticsearch project to OpenSearch. Following are the things to note
→ We have used few features which are not present in OSS version(7.10.2) but present in the latest versions of the Elasticsearch.
→ We have also used some premium licensed features of Elasticsearch.

I also want to know that what are the various challenges that we may face for this kind of migration(ES version > 7.10.2). Like index naming mismatch or anything like that?

Welcome @geekdeveloper!

Given that you’re going to have some missing and/or different features, it’s probably time to take stock of each and figure out a new plan. Keep in mind that quite a few ES premium features are available in OpenSearch but in a different implementation. From what I hear, I think a lot of folks hit rough spots when moving to the OpenSearch security model which is different but quite capable - I would spend some time on the security docs, if that is relevant to you.

Got it! thanks. @searchymcsearchface
By the way another direct question , is it even possible to completely migrate ES (7.12.0 or above) project to OS. Because both might have few same features with different implementation(as you said). Moreover, after 6-12 months, ES might have more features/improvements and also OS will have it’s own new features/improvements. So, I don’t think even this ES => OS migration question will be valid at that time. Because both are progressing in their own direction. What you say?

From a data perspective, I think migration will be possible for quite a while (given how ES manages data compatibility over versions). From a use & features perspective, the reality is most users actually only touch a core part of ES and much of that has been relatively stable for years. So, OpenSearch and ES will likely stay really close on that, but edges will start to emerge over time.