How to increase replicas of .plugins-ml-model?

Hi all,

I was wondering how to change replicas and shards for system indices such as .plugins-ml-model?

I tried the below but it didn’t work.

PUT .plugins-ml-model/_settings
“number_of_replicas”: 4

Appreciate your help.

Hey @asfoorial

Can you elaborate on why it doesnt work?

I check the replicas and still says 1.

Hey @asfoorial

That does help to troubleshoot the issue.

Do you see any errors, warnings in the log files? Are you using cURL or Dev tools to change shard count?

Is this a production setup?


This post may be you here

I used dev tool and executed the above and got success message.

Then I tried GET .plugins-ml-model and the result shows the replicas as 1.

Hey @asfoorial

Understood, ok now thats strange. I just tested you API command doesnt seam to work.

Use certificate based authentication instead of basic auth, then it won’t be a problem…

@ylwu can you suggest what can be done here?

.plugins-ml-model is system index protected by security plugin. So you can’t use dev tools to update it directly. You should use certificate based authentication.

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