How to get notification when alert condition is cleared

I am able to trigger and get notification when alert condition becomes Active. However I don’t get notifications when the alert condition clears (goes to Completed). Is there a way to get notified at the end of the alert condition?

Folks, appreciate any input on this.


Hi @pavanb,

This currently is not supported but has been captured in a GitHub issue. We will seek to support this in the future.

Hi @qreshi,

Thanks for the clarification. We are very interested in getting this functionality, would really appreciate if you could prioritize.
In the meantime, what is the best way to check for alerts that got cleared? Can we poll via API?


If you are using ODFE 1.10+, there was a GET alerts API that was added.

You can retrieve alerts and filter on monitorId and alertState or supply a searchString argument for a more custom search. Example of simple usage:

GET _opendistro/_alerting/monitors/alerts?alertState=ACKNOWLEDGED

It looks like this API is not being reflected in the documentation, I’ve created an issue to track this change.

Also, if you’re using an ODFE version less than 1.10, you can just query the .opendistro-alerting-alerts index directly as a workaround.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the API details. Will try it out.