How to create set of permission for custom plugin created in kibana

I have developed a kibana plugin that has simple client configurations. means a page in kibana UI has forms which take input from users and send those requests to the backend node server.

But now I am able to access that plugin with any user, the user which has just read-only permission is also able to access my plugin page.

Is there any way I can restrict or add this plugin entry somewhere in the security plugin? means whatever permission is applicable for security will be applicable for this plugin as well.

e.g. if the user is not an admin user, in the left panel it should not list my plugin as it won’t list the security plugin for non-admin users.

@disha27, the security plug-in is not aware of your custom Kibana plug-in. Therefore, user permissions are not applied. Currently, there are no settings in the security plug-in to enable it.