How to create ISM snapshots without including the date in the snapshot name?

Hi OpenDistro, aka OpenSearch, team,

When including snapshots in the ISM policies, two parameters should be set, the repository and the snapshot name. However, when the snapshot is performed, the snapshot name is taken as a prefix and the creation date is added after the name it is supposed to have. For instance, when using my_snapshot as the snapshot name, the snapshot is named as my_snapshot-2021.05.31-08:47:56.580.

Is there any way to change this behavior so that the snapshot name does not include the date it was created?

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@Phandora there is no option available at the moment to not have date appended - link. I have a PR that needs to be ported to OpenSearch to make the snapshot name a template but even in that the date suffix is still added.

Is there any specific use case you have to not append date to the name?

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Oh, that is so nice! There is no specific use case, I was just testing the different settings and I was wondering if it was possible to configure the accurate name of the snapshot.

Deduce the snapshot name during runtime as a mustache script will make a big difference!

Is there any ETA for this feature?


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