How to create an API key for access without requiring basic authentication

Opensearch version 2.5.0

In elasticsearch, this can be done by using POST /_security/api_key but it does not work in Opensearch.
Can someone help here.
The idea is to send a search request using api key for authorization.
https://opensearchURL:9200/index/_search?pretty {‘content-type’:‘application/json’, ‘Authorization’: ‘Basic api Key’}

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Hey @Apurw

Did any of these work for you?

In the documentation i can see only an instruction how to manage security area of the cluster by api and how to configure that. But how about searches and others from How should the query with auth look like? What type of auth we can use? As in the first post, can we generate apikey in Opensearch?


Hi @Apurw

You can use one of the authentication backends:

In order to create and configure a new authentication or authorization backend, you should add configurations to the config.yml:

After that, you should apply your configuration changes using tool:

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There is no API key for authentication in OpenSearch.

You can create a new issue with this feature at the following link: