How to create a multinode cluster with opendistro?

i’m trying to create a multi node cluster with opendistro security on linux environment. but for some reason second node didn’t join the cluster. i’m not sure what mistake i have done. below is my config files. can someone please suggest me what i’m missing here?

NODE1: opendistro node-1 /data/node-1 node-1 [“node-1”, “node-2”]
discovery.zen.master_election.ignore_non_master_pings: true

NODE2: opendistro node-2 /data/node-2 node-2 [“node-1”, “node-2”]
discovery.zen.master_election.ignore_non_master_pings: true

No one has replied then I’m going to answer if someone searched this thread:

  • You should use IP for node-1 / node-2 if you don’t have DNS configured for those nodes
  • Also, you should use
    discovery.seed_hosts: instead of
    cluster.initial_master_nodes for initial master nodes

@manz did you get it working using above comment? Are you getting any errors? Can you paste them here if so?