OpenDistro as Cross Cluster Search Node

I’ve few vanilla ES clusters deplyed and wanted to use OpenDistro as a Cross Cluster search node (using its security features to filter up access to remote ES clusters).
Vanilla ES cluster has TLS configured on transport layer.

Now when I provide remote cluster seed to OpenDistro it is unable to connect remote cluster with simple connection reset error
On vanilla ES (v 6.7) node I’m using as seed for Opendistro (0.9.0, also tried 1.0.0) I’m getting

invalid internal transport message format, got (16,3,3,1)

Is such setup supported?
I’m using certs signed by same CA and their work like a charm once I replace OpenDistro Node with pure Elasticsearch.

IT tuns out it is possible to get it running.
What was missing is certificates common name configuration (OpenDistro needs to trust domain’s used by vanilla ES on transport layer)

  - 'CN=instance_cert_common_name'