How to config security plugin in aws instance

I Want to use the opensearch-service in Managed Open-Source Elasticsearch and OpenSearch Search and Log Analytics – Amazon OpenSearch Service – Amazon Web Services for my search service. And I need to config jwt authentication for it according to YAML files - OpenSearch documentation. But I can’t find any config option for it. Then I try to use _cluster/settings api to update the security config but failure.

How can I config the security plugin for the opensearch service instance.

Thanks for the question @DoneSpeak, hopefully you’ve found your solution, if not read on:

When using the Managed OpenSearch service through AWS, those configuration files are not directly accessed. When you are going through the domain options many of those options are translated into those yml files entries. I’d recommend trying configuring one of the free tier domains to experiment.

If there is a specific configuration option that you are looking for? If you see it documented on OpenSearch but not on the AWS Managed OpenSearch please create a support ticket with AWS for that feature, but you can always ask in this forum thread in case the community knows the answer.

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