OpenSearch Security Configuration

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
I used the last version of OpenSearch. when i run OpenSearch, plugin error has accrued.
This error has shown:
[2022-12-28T09:59:43,992][INFO ][o.o.s.OpenSearchSecurityPlugin] [MHAGHVERDI] OpenSearch Config path is C:\Users\mhaghverdi\IdeaProjects\moqui-framework\runtime\opensearch\config
22:29:44.152 WARN main o.moqui.i.c.ElasticFacadeImpl Error connecting to ElasticSearch cluster default at, try 4 of 20: org.moqui.BaseException: Error calling HTTP request to
[2022-12-28T09:59:44,632][INFO ][o.o.s.s.DefaultSecurityKeyStore] [MHAGHVERDI] JVM supports TLSv1.3
[2022-12-28T09:59:44,638][INFO ][o.o.s.s.DefaultSecurityKeyStore] [MHAGHVERDI] Config directory is C:\Users\mhaghverdi\IdeaProjects\moqui-framework\runtime\opensearch\config/, from there the key- and truststore files are resolved relatively
[2022-12-28T09:59:44,912][ERROR][o.o.b.OpenSearchUncaughtExceptionHandler] [MHAGHVERDI] uncaught exception in thread [main]
org.opensearch.bootstrap.StartupException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: failed to load plugin class []
at org.opensearch.bootstrap.OpenSearch.init( ~[opensearch-2.4.1.jar:2.4.1]
at org.opensearch.bootstrap.OpenSearch.execute( ~[opensearch-2.4.1.jar:2.4.1]
at org.opensearch.cli.EnvironmentAwareCommand.execute( ~[opensearch-2.4.1.jar:2.4.1]
at org.opensearch.cli.Command.mainWithoutErrorHandling( ~[opensearch-cli-2.4.1.jar:2.4.1]
at org.opensearch.cli.Command.main( ~[opensearch-cli-2.4.1.jar:2.4.1]
at org.opensearch.bootstrap.OpenSearch.main( ~[opensearch-2.4.1.jar:2.4.1]
at org.opensearch.bootstrap.OpenSearch.main( ~[opensearch-2.4.1.jar:2.4.1]

I found the Config File.
extended.plugins: other plugins this plugin extends through SPI
how can i fix it???

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@haghverdi.masoud Is that OpenSearch Dashboards log?

I added opensearch to moqui-framwork. this framwork designed to use elasticsearch or opensearch as search engine. the last version does not supported elasticsearch anymore. so i replaced opensearch.
this log is moqui-framwork log. but the error related to .OpenSearchSecurityPlugin

@haghverdi.masoud I’m not familiar with that tool. Are your tool and OpenSearch service on the same PC/VM?

What do you get when running the below commands?

curl -u admin:admin -XGET