Hide some index patterns from the discover section

Some users have limited access to indexes but they can see all index patterns on the discover page in the dropdown section where you select index pattern. That creates confusion because the user gets an error if he does not have access to the default selected index pattern and also sees index names that he should not see. This raised questions inside the company, that his access does not work, etc.

How to hide index patterns for some users in dashboards in the discover section?


Welcome to the club !
Never found a solution but in my case, It was fine to separate by tenants so the problem is not blocking for me.
But I would love to have a feature like that !

Let’s hope OpenSearch team has some answer !


This is pretty interesting actually. I haven’t played with it but I would encourage you (or @ThibaudF) to add that as a feature onto the OpenSearch Dashboards repo. Click the link below to use the template.

Seems like this is something probably most people would like and expect.


I have create feature request: https://github.com/opensearch-project/security-dashboards-plugin/issues/1021

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This is duplicate of this Limit contents of "Discover" index drop down list