GET _opendistro/_alerting/destinations/<destination-id>

This api to get the destination doesn’t work- Documentation Link

Error - GET Method not allowed.
Is there any issue with the Api or documentation is stale.

To my knowledge this hasn’t changed and I can still see it in the source code. Can you show us what your exact query is?

Hi @AbhishekSharma,

The GET Destinations API was added to ODFE Alerting in version 1.12. Unfortunately, that documentation wasn’t versioned so there wasn’t an inherent mechanism to show that diff. Perhaps it should be updated to mention that explicitly next to the API to avoid confusion since it’s not clear otherwise.

Hi @searchymcsearchface

I’m using this GET _opendistro/_alerting/destinations/destination-id in kibana dev tool console.

This is the error - {
“error” : “Incorrect HTTP method for uri [/_opendistro/_alerting/destinations/destination-id?pretty=true] and method [GET], allowed: [PUT, DELETE]”,
“status” : 405

You are replacing the ‘destination-id’ in _opendistro/_alerting/destinations/destination-id with the actual destination ID, right?

yes @searchymcsearchface