FortiGate Netflow logs to Zeek or Filebeat to ElasticSearch

Greetings to the community.

Im very very new to the Elasticsearch and i have just started to use it. I installed the OpenDistro 7.10.2 version with the wazuh plugin and so far im getting Host logs successfully. But i need to add Network Based detection as well.

Our company has multiple fortinet firewalls (fortigate) and i want to send netflow logs to FileBeat-OSS or ZEEK and then to ElasticSearch.

So far i can only find the modules in regular filebeat but not in the OSS version and as far as i know i can’t connect normal filebeat to OpenDistro for ES.

Is there any advice or workaround that i can use??

Thanks in advance

@bleckmeister1g could you share your filebeat config?

You can find filebeat oss here.

hey thanks for replying. the config isnt the problem. I cant find fortinet and zeek modules inside modules.d directory

@bleckmeister1g Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you have Filebeat to ES connection issue.

Have you tried connect with regular filebeat already?

You might want to consider ElastiFlow. The Basic Tier license is free. Fortinet doesn’t send any vendor-specific fields, so unless you a larger number of flows/sec, the Basic license should be fine.

So i could replace my filebeat(and other beats) + logstash with this? Could elastiFlow be the focal point of incoming netflows from cisco, fortigate and wifi etc etc?

Actually to be precise i want to analyze incoming data with zeek/suricata rules and send alerts and visualize the data to kibana. If elastiFlow can do that then im all for it.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. ElastiFlow is for Netflow, IPFIX and sFlow. It would handle the Netflow data from Fortinet.

For Suricata you might want to take a look at an older project of mine…
It will require some updates for the latest versions of OpenSearch and Logstash, but should provide a reasonable starting place.