Display critical alerts of Fortigate into opendistro

I would like to know if anyone of you has an idea about how can i connect my Fortigate into opendistro.
My point is that fortigate could automaticaly display dayli alerts into graphs in opendistro.

Hello @sushyyy
Did you try this - Filebeat - Fortinet module?

@stmx38 well no i didn’t try it but its seams to be an x-pack module so i guess i need to pay for that, but im not sur it it will work with opendistro

It is a Filebeat module?

Its a module included in the elk x-pack, but yeah its a module used for filebeat

we are using Logstash to receive Fortigate log messages:

logstash.conf: |
input {
udp {
port => 5114
type => “fortigate”