Filebeat setup errors - payload


When I run filebeat setup -e I get the following error message:
Exiting: 1 error: error loading index pattern: returned 413 to import file: . Response: {“statusCode”:413,“error”:“Request Entity Too Large”,“message”:“Payload content length greater than maximum allowed: 1048576”}

Is there a place that this payload can be increased and how do I know what the payload size should be?

Something in the chain between your Filebeat and either Elasticsearch or Kibana is configured to not allow HTTP payloads larger than 1048576. This could be Kibana (server.maxPayloadBytes) or often the case, a reverse proxy in between. For example NGiNX defaults to a max payload (client_max_body_size) of 1048576.

We use 8388608 as a default on all systems.