Field-level write permission


I would like to allow a specific group of users to have READ on all specified indices as well as WRITE on specific fields for these indices documents.

Currently, I’ve seen it is possible to show or hide specific fields (READ) but have seen no resource about how to limit WRITE to specific fields of documents.

Is this possible in OpenSearch ? Is there a plugin allowing this ?

Thank you,

@janstack Read and write index permissions are assigned with a role. You need read permissions to use field-level security as first you read documents from the index and then filter out the fields with FLS.

I don’t think there is permission that allows you to write to specific fields in the document.

This is exactly why I’m asking this question : is there a way to write to specific fields in documents in OpenSearch ? I want to sure sure.

@janstack You can write to specific fields in OpenSearch. Then, the rest of the fields in that single document will be empty. This behaviour is not related to the security plugin.

You can’t write twice to the same document using different fields as OpenSearch is the search tool and not the database.