[Feedback] on dark mode experience

Hi everyone,
In support of new options to control the look & feel of OpenSearch Dashboards, we are updating the theme with a new light and dark mode. In 2.10, we are offering the option of a refreshed theme with an improved dark mode. In a subsequent release, dark mode will be the default theme. This means any new visualizations that are created will have an updated color palette. Existing visualizations may need to be modified to work well with the new theme.
The proposed solution includes an option that can reference the browser setting to switch theme modes. The theme mode change will take place on a page change or reload.
We are seeking feedback in anticipation of dark mode becoming the default. Thanks!

Hey @monicank


This is my Lab test server :laughing:

Its not to dark like most dashboards I run into , just enough. Dark Green is a nice touch.

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Hello and thanks for your great job.
There’s an issue in some of the visualizations (e.g. Bar and Pie), which persists in the recent versions on opensearch-dashboard. The diagrams are dimmed and the unwanted transparency with the dark background cause this issue make the diagrams inconspicuous.
We have a monitoring kiosk in our office in which these diagrams should be noticed. However, this wasn’t the case for the older versions of opensearch-dashboard, while we were using the dark mode.