Failed to get status of snapshot

I’m getting the following on majority of my indicies with a managed policy:

    "cause": "[<storage repo>:<snapshot> is missing",
    "message": "Failed to get status of snapshot [index=xxxxxxxx]"

But that snapshot does exist as I am able to query it and it has a snapshot status of success. This was working in the past and only started to failed after I’ve made a change to the policy’s initial state.

Please advise.

So I noticed while searching for the missing snapshot, the search is not completing due to character limitations. So let say the snapshot was named: security-auditlog-2024.02.20_snapshot-2024.02.23-00:06:31.687, I will not be to search that unless i remove the last 6 characters.

This looks to be a bug!

Thanks @jsamuel12 Can you open an issue here (Issues · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub) with reproduction steps detailing this bug?