Exporting Alerts


Is there a way we can export alerting objects similar to dashbaord/visualizations ?


you can try it with skedler.

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Hi @pveerapa,

What is your use case for exporting? To import into another cluster or just backup somewhere?
One of our members did create: GitHub - mihirsoni/odfe-monitor-cli: Manage your Alerting monitors to manage the monitors in source control.

Hi @dbbaughe We are trying to export the monitors from one cluster and import the same into another cluster.

Hi @pveerapa,

Seems like this is a common ask across plugins with these type of configuration objects. We currently do not have a solution for this baked into the Alerting plugin. Would have to use other means like reindexing or writing a script to do it. We’ll add this to our backlog, thanks.

Thanks for the reply @dbbaughe

This feature would also be really interesting for me. Any news on this?

Hi @remio,

Right now we are prioritizing getting the email functionality into alerting. Will pass along the additional request to our PMs so they can help prioritize the backlog.


Great, thank you.
The email feature is indeed very valuable!