Embedding the open search dashboard in react webapp

We created the dashboard in open search dashboard. We clicked share and generate link as saved object and copied iFrame code. I pasted the coped code in the react app and ran from local machine i.e local host. It did not render the dashboard views, but it failed with error saying X-Frame-Options is not allowing the open search dashboard to be embedded in local host .

I guess we need to set this X-Frame-Options from the server side. Since the Open search dashboard is hosted and managed by aws, I am not sure how to make the dashboard server to allow it to render it on our website hosted in our domain or in local host.

Any help on this topic will be super helpful ?

welcome to the community @gvnavin - it sounds like a permissions setting on the AWS Service side, but I haven’t been able to find anything it their documentation


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We check this with AWS support. It looks like the open search dashboard is embeddable when the url is not having any access control. We have cognito based authorization added on top of open search. Hence it is not working.

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Mine is turned off and I am still unable to do this. Please explain how this works. I have turned off security from all places.