Elasticsearch - HTTP and HTTPS simultaneously


Is there a way to configure Elasticsearch with Open Distro Security plugin in the way that it will accept HTTP and HTTPS simultaneously. Such behavior may be usefully in the process of the HTTPS migration.

Thank you!

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Hello, I’ve same question.
I want to use https outside and http inside of containers network, for an example logstash and elasticsearch in same private network and sending logs via http and https directly to elasticsearch from outside.
Thanks in advance.

It seems that a fastest workaround we can use Load balancer ion from of Elasticsearch.

For example, Nginx: we can accept connections on HTTP and HTTPS and send them to the Elasticsearch nodes over HTTP. In such a case we should install SSL certificates only on Nginx side.

yes, I can be achieved with LB, but it’s better to use native odfe method, if it will be available in further releases.

With LB we have also advantage in case we have more than one ES instance.

The only other alternativeI I can think of, is if you run a 2 node cluster, you can configure 1 node to use http and 2nd to use https. The communication between nodes would still be happening using certificates on transport level.