Documentation of pre-defined roles confusing

There is a list of predefined roles documented at - Users and Roles - Open Distro Documentation
The description says that - the security plugin includes several predefined roles that serve as useful defaults.

But this list contains a mix of static roles i.e. built-in roles created by the security plugin, and roles created by the sample config files at /usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins/opendistro_security/securityconfig/. If user does not use the sample configuration files provided by the plugin as-is, then those roles will not be available, but it would contain all the static roles.

On the other hand, for action groups, list of default-action-groups on the documentation lists only those action groups that are static.
It would be better if the documentation could be updated with a bit more clarity and only list the available built-in roles so as to avoid confusion.

Thanks for bringing this up! I’ve alerted the documentation crew on this.

Also, the docs are open source - if you want to make a go at it the file you’re referencing a markdown file.

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