Document Level Security version conflict error

Hi guys , i’m facing a problem using the document level security feature , so i created a role with cluster_composite_ops_ro permissions and * in index to access all indices and read and write permissions and in the document level security i wrote this > {

“bool”: {
“must”: { “match”: { “host.hostname”: “******”}}
when i try to log in using a user mapped tothis role it gives me this error

[data] [elasticsearch] [version_conflict_engine_exception]: [config:7.10.2]: version conflict, document already exists (current version [4])

i’m using the latest version of opendistro with kibana 7.10.2
PS: i rebuilt the plugin to match the 7.10.2 version of kibana and migrated from 7.10.0 to 7.10.2.

any idea what am i doing wrong?

more details here