Designing OpenSearch Cluster - OpenSearchDashboard should point to which node? Coordinator Or Manager or Data nodes

Hi All,
I am new to OpenSearch and trying to setup a fresh OpenSearch Cluster in our NonProd environment. I have following nodes:

  • 3 dedicated master nodes
  • 4 data nodes
  • 2 coordinator nodes
  • 1 OpenSearchDashboard node
  • 2 Logstash nodes

What should be the interaction flow among these nodes? (which type of nodes should be configured to interact which set of nodes)?

Query1# Should OpenSearchDashboard node be pointed to Coordination Nodes? Or to Manager nodes, or to the DataIngest nodes?

Query2# Should Coordination nodes be pointed to master nodes? or to DataIngest nodes?

Query3# Should LogStash nodes (or any source agent) be pointed to Data nodes directly? or to Manager nodes? or to Coordinator nodes?

Sorry I couldn’t find any clear best practicies documentation how should these components interact with each other. Any detail(s) on this will be appriciated greatly. Many thanks in advance.

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I think this is basic detail should be given in documentation “how to design OpenSearch cluster” , what component should interact with what other component(s).
I understand design will vary company to company but there should be some sorts of recommendations and best practicies. I’m yet to find/decide if logstash should point to Manager nodes, or DataIngest nodes directly. Similarly, OpenSearchDashboard should connect to Co-ordinate nodes ? Any input is welcome. Thanks!

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