Clarification question: To which nodes do I send traffic?

We are planning to set up a new OpenSearch cluster with 3 dedicated master nodes and 2 data nodes.
I’m fine with the security stuff and the requirements for each node.
But: I couldn’t find a solution in the docs or in this forum where to send the traffic from Filebeat and Logstash.
Do I send it to the data nodes? Or to the master nodes?
As we do all the cleanup work in Filebeat and Logstash, we do not need large ingest nodes to take the load off other nodes.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I found a topic on the forum but there is only one question and no answer.

Best regards,

Hi henkes, not directly an answer to your question, but: Our production cluster uses coordinating nodes in addition to master and data nodes. These are the only nodes that take requests. We decided to add this node type after running into problems with unresponsive master nodes. Since then we have never had any problems.

Best regards - Gunnar

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