Deleting all .kibana indices for a user


  • In each new version, the .kibana of each user is duplicated, for example, for the admin user I have the following indices:

green open .kibana_92668751_admin_1 YWvTNdScTh26CfqM7FABSA 1 0 3 0 17.2kb 17.2kb
green open .kibana_92668751_admin_3 ELmp_GlxRq6zMAOX8U23LA 1 0 4 0 22.6kb 22.6kb
green open .kibana_92668751_admin_2 1faLD4EPRwajc9–LIBX2A 1 0 3 0 17.2kb 17.2kb
green open .kibana_92668751_admin_4 X7OWpreHRM-1HIMbqrKbvg 1

  • I have created one dashboard and then tried deleting all .kibana indices (even the latest one) for me and after that everything seems to be working alright and even the dashboard is still persisting.
    I want to know why this is happening that even after deleting the .kibana indices the data like dashboard and visualization is still persisting.

  • Also is there a way/dsl query I can use to delete .kibana indices based on metadata so that I can delete my old .kibana indices in one go every time I update to a new version.

Thank you

@Zapdos_63 The described behaviour coukd be related to the fact that your deployment has multi-tenancy enabled.
What was the name of the tenant where you had your dashboards?

@pablo thanks for replying,
the dashboard was created on my name, I am the tenant, kibana index name was .kibana_hash_value_username_4

can you explain more on multinenancy, why enabling it won’t affect dashboards even when I delete the .kibana index for the tenant that has created it (in this case, myself).

@Zapdos_63 Just to confirm, for the test you’ve used the Private tenant instead of Global?

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