Debian package opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana 1.0.0 does not work

Dear developers,

the Debian package of opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana 1.0.0 does not work. The kibana.yml uses a setting which was renamed in version 7.x of Kibana. The following error is written to the syslog:
kibana[24831]: FATAL ValidationError: child “elasticsearch” fails because [“url” is not allowed]

The correct line must be
elasticsearch.hosts: https://localhost:9200
instead of
elasticsearch.url: https://localhost:9200.

It would be great if somebody could test new packages at least once before they are released.



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Hi Martin,

I had the same journey, but it turned out this is not ODFE related, it has something to do with the breaking changes that comes with elasticsearch and kibana major release 7 → Breaking changes in 7.0 | Kibana Guide [7.0] | Elastic

in my case I had to check for following syntax changes in order to get Kibana started and reachable:

elasticsearch.hosts: https://localhost:9200
server.ssl.enabled: true

But I still have issues with the upgraded cluster as “admin” suddenly doesn’t have any write permissions and not seeing the indexes, so one more riddle to solve.


I had the same issue - downloaded and installed today and this fixed the problem for me.

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