Customized CSV reader

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Describe the issue: Can we use programming language in opensearch to read csv files in custom manner??


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Hello @Pallavi

could you maybe describe your scenario a little more?

So I guess you have an OpenSearch Instance and want to ingest CSV file(s). There are multiple ways to achieve this. You could for example use logstash to ingest an process the csv file and then forward it to OpenSearch. (How to Load CSV File into ElasticSearch with Logstash – BMC Software | Blogs)

An other option would be to use filebeat and ingest pipelines. This would replace logstash in this setup with filebeat. (Load CSV data to ElasticSearch using FileBeat)

Of course you could script this yourself and use for example python to read your file and process it accordingly - maybe calculate some custom values from the csv files like averages etc. Then you could send it to OpenSearch using the API or some predefined client (REST API reference - OpenSearch documentation) (Language clients - OpenSearch documentation).