CSV import to Opensearch dashboard for anomaly detection case

Hi all,

I have just started to use Opensearch dashboard and my main goal is using anomaly detection use case. How can i import CSV file from my local computer to opensearch located in my company’s cloud platform. Could you please explain how can i import the csv file, step by step?


Hey @dsensan

There are a lot of ways of cracking that nut.

For small-ish sources, I’ve found writing a script in python on node.js then using the OpenSearch Query DSL to bring in the documents to be fast and efficient. I’m pretty comfortable with both Query DSL and those libraries in those languages, so YMMV. A quick and dirty script will end up being a few dozen lines. However, this isn’t very reusable and isn’t suitable for large CSVs.

The other way requires a little bit more setup, but is more generalized/resuable and can handle larger CSVs: use Logstash with the OpenSearch Output Plugin. I haven’t followed these specific instructions before but Coralogix has a good step-by-step write up that looks reasonable. It’s aimed at ES but if you change the output plugin from ES to OpenSearch it should work.