Custom tenant not proposed when log


I have created a clone of all_access role: all_access_copy.

Then I add external identity named ‘test’ to this new role managed by ldap

Then I add a custom tenant named ‘prod’ to this new role (R/W)

When I login as test : a select panel is open to choose the current tenant.
But custom tenant menu is empty. Why custom tenant prod is not proposed in custom tenant menu ?


@comijac While logged in as test user - Can you check if user is mapped to the correct role (all_access_copy) via “View roles and identities”?
And in security/roles section, ensure that all_access_copy is mapped to prod tenant?
I tested locally (using internal_users instead of ldap) and got the result you are expecting. There is another way to retrieve all config to check for issues using file, but maybe that can be avoided for now.
Maybe try using internal_users to eliminate the possible issue, or does that work as expected?

Sorry , I have found the solution (seems like you description) . That’ s wokrks for me now.