Switch tenant with remember action - inconsistency

I use ekl7.10.0 and opendistro security plugin 1.12.0.
I log with my user name having all_access role.
Then I have created a set of role, each one associated to a specific tenant.
After loging:I select a custom tenant from the select tenant popup, selecting ‘’‘Remember my selection next time I log in from this device’‘’.

After logout, login several times :

  • sometime the selected custom tenant is the current tenant (ok)
  • sometime the selected tenant is Global tenant
  • sometime the selected custom tenant is the current tenant, but choosing dashboard in the main menu, dashboards of global tenant are displayed and global tenant becomes current tenant
  • etc… with inconsistent behaviour sometime ok sometime ko

For example
1- login then

2- logout then login then security/tenants menu

3- then after several logout/login then sometime dasboards display menu , security/tenants display menuactions

Let see my security declaration
My user belongs to hbx_team

role /tenant declaration

Have you an idea concerning this behaviour, for me the selected tenant 'with remember action) must be the current tenant until another tenant be selected and remembered ?

Does this seems related to your issue? 1.13 does not respect the remembered tenant · Issue #727 · opensearch-project/security-dashboards-plugin · GitHub

Thank you for your response.
Yes it is similar. But note that :

  • I use 1.12.0 version and the issue says that 1.12.0 is correct and 1.13.0 is wrong (and elk 7.10.0)
  • it is not neccessary to have a tenant with no objects to reproduce the problem
  • the problem may appear after 1 , 2 ,3 … or more login/logout , then disappear then appear …
    Sometime if I logout on dashboard panel list of the remembered tenant , it seems correct when I login, but after some actions like : discover… then dashboard list , dashboard list of global tenant is displayed.

Is it a bug in tenant management ?