Cross Cluster Replication - Roadmap item?


I have a question regarding Cross Cluster Replication. Am I correct in thinking that this feature has not yet been implemented into ODFE (to version 1.11) - but is on the Roadmap?

I see from the Announcment channel that it is a point of discussion for Monday’s meeting, marked as a request for comment.

Is this feature on the Roadmap and are there any general timelines for the delivery of it?

Thanks, Will.

Howdy Mr Hedgehog.

We did push the the cross cluster replication discussion topic from the agenda (apologies for not updating it - we did update the blog post). We’ll be talking and seeking comments it in January.


Hi there,

And thanks for the update. I would like to ask if the general plan is to deliver the cross cluster replication feature in a future release? I suspect it is too early to ask about a timescale for this.

It is certainly something I would like to see delivered as I am currently building two separate clusters (one in each DC) and I would like to be able to replicate indexes between these clusters. Cross cluster searching gives me some functionality in this area, but should one DC fail I would still like to have a replicated index on the local side that could be queried up to the point of the remote DC failure.

I can say we’re researching it, although I can’t commit to how it may come in future releases. Sit tight and make sure you to come the community meeting when it does make it on the schedule (which I would guess is early Jan 2021) - more details will be provided then.

Was this discussed in last weeks meeting?

It’s on the docket for tomorrow’s meeting. Open Distro for Elasticsearch - Community Meeting | Meetup