Cross cluster replication autofollow

I’m trying to configure autofollow replication
I have some questions, that I didn’t find in documentation.
Can I configure few patterns in one query?
Can I set up additional name to follow pattern as in ELK? "follow_index_pattern": "ops-2-{{leader_index}}" like this? I want that followed index calls some different that original. For example original: test-20220330; follow: ops-2-test-20220330.

Where can I see all parameters “_plugins/_replication/_autofollow”?

PUT /_cluster/settings
  "persistent" : {
    "cluster" : {
      "remote" : {
        "ops-2" : {
          "seeds" : [

This doesn’t work.

POST _plugins/_replication/_autofollow
  "leader_alias": "ops-2",
  "name": "my-replication-rule",
  "pattern": "test*",
  "follow_index_pattern": "ops-2-{{leader_index}}",
      "leader_cluster_role": "all_access",
      "follower_cluster_role": "all_access"

Thank you.

Hi @mamol27 ,

It’s true that currently all follower index gets created with same name as leader’s. Thanks for sharing your requirement. As this is a feature request, please open a github issue so CCR devs can track it.