Cookie headers from Azure SSO too large

I am seeing an issue when I log into my Kibana instance it sends me in a continuous loop of trying to authenticate. I noticed this:

Set-Cookie header is ignored in response from url: Cookie length should be less than or equal to 4096 characters. 

Is there a way to increase the allowed cookie size?

Did you get anywhere with this? I am seeing the same behaviour when using SAML and Azure. Things were working fine for me last week but now they are not and I’m seeing these looping authentication attempts.

What I have noticed is that the problem (for me at least) is something to do with the roles that are returned in the SAML response. I suspect I’m hitting some limit but don’t see anything in the logs that helps explain the issue. I currently have 57 roles and potentially had fewer last week.

Based on logs and tracing HTTP sessions everything seems to work - SAML responses and JWT tokens are correct however the browser just keeps re-authenticating.

If I change my roles key, to an element that has few entries or use an invalid key then this looping behaviour doesn’t occur.