JWT token size with

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
opensearch : 2.4.3
dashboard : 2.4.3
security : 2.4.3

Describe the issue:
I have wrong regarding my OpenID Connect setup with our keycloak.

I am using Opensearch Dashboard for v2.4.3. But I just cannot get it to connect via OpenID - no matter what I seem to do it appears to be stuck in a login loop when JWT token size is too much.

I tested it, but if the size of the JWT token is not large, it is normally authenticated.

When using openid authentication, is it affected by the JWT token size?

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Hello jun,

could you provide some logs from your OpenSearch installation?

Furthermore, is your problem that using JWT Tokens does not work at all, or just with some - longer - tokens?


@jun Have a look at this issue in OpenSearch GitHub.

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