Contributing to Javadoc (solved)

Friendly greetings !

I’m a DBA migrating from elastic to opensearch. As i started reading the source, i noticed missing / incomplete javaDoc and would like to contribute.

I found this Issue ( [Meta] Add javadocs · Issue #221 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub ) and have read the document.

Yes, i’m not 100% sure how to submit patch in the proper way as it is not really a bug fix (or is it ?) or a new feature.

Is this ok ?

  • Fork
  • Create a branch
  • Patch & Commit
  • Create a new issue
  • Create a pull request

Would you prefer a few large patch or small one ?

Thank you for the tips.

I just did was i described it here and it worked, except i didn’t create a new issue, i just referenced #221.