Configure Alert trigger to publish to SNS topic and send custom message to different SNS protocols

I am needing to set up a trigger that calls an AWS SNS topic. The SNS topic will have two protocols (email and lambda). Is it possible to configure the message in the alert trigger so one custom message is sent to the e-mail protocol and another is sent to the lambda when calling the SNS topic?

I looked at the following documentation for guidance but I couldn’t find a proper solution for my issue.

I tried to use the following JSON in the message field of the trigger, it invokes the Lambda successfully and send the e-mail, however the e-mail has the entire JSON payload, not just the e-mail both (in this case just ‘test’). Is it possible to configure the message when calling the SNS topic so a customer text is sent to an e-mail group and another custom message sent to a Lambda?

{“default”: “Sample fallback message”,
“lambda”:“{"action": "TEST", "runbookURI": "URL","title":"[DEV] {{}} (5 min)","text":"Monitor {{}} just entered alert status. Please investigate the issue.","facts":[{"name":"Trigger","value":"{{}}"},{"name":"Severity","value":"{{ctx.trigger.severity}}"},{"name":"count","value":"{{}}"},{"name":"Period Start","value":"{{ctx.periodStart}}"},{"name":"Period End","value":"{{ctx.periodEnd}}"}]}”


Sorry this functionality is not supported for the Alerting plugin. I recommend setting up 2 separate SNS topics, 1 for email and 1 for lambda. From there, you can configure what you want to send for each topic.